Andrew González
Greetings Ms. Ludy Mellt Sekher ....and thank you,
Yes, you are welcome to use my image for your website.
Peace and Blessings

Jonathon Earl Bowser

Dear Ludy,Thank you for the very kind words; it is always gratifying to hear thatI am actually reaching people. I sincerely appreciate the time youhave spent to share your response to my work.It is certainly fine with me - and would be very much appreciated -if you would like to showcase some of my work on your web-site,as long as you establish a link to my web-site, and provide a fulland prominent credit for the artwork.Thanks again for your interest in my work - and be sure to visit again,new work will be added frequently. Sincerely,
Jonathon Earl Bowser

Alan Ayers
Thank you for your kind words. You may feel free to use my artwork, providing it is for noncommercial web use and that copyright is noted. Please be certain that all Harlequin images have copyright to Harlequin noted. Links back to my site are not necessary.
For commercial use of any images copywritten to me, please contact my representative, Sal Barracca. His number is (203)266-6750.
Thanks again for your interest in my work.
-Alan Ayers

Jim Warren
Dear Ludy,
Hi. You can use Country Lane on your web site.

Carl Lungren

Yes, you may use my images on your site. Please give me a LINK to your site.
Thank you for your kind words and good luck...

Jeffrey K. Bedrick
Hi, Ludy:
Thank you for your interest in my art. You may use my images on yourwebsite if you give them proper credit with title my name linked back to mywebsite listed at the end of this message.
Jeffrey K. Bedrick
Índice de refracción c k de B e dTeléfono Y Fax: (415)923-1122
Móvil: (415)420-6968 Snail mail:Calle #5 De 2852 California
San Francisco, Ca 94115

Daniel B. Holeman
Thank you Ludy
You may use my images on your

Paula Vaughan

Hi, Ludy
Use is only approved if a copyright is placed and links
are maintained to my sites. Thanks for your intrest
Gilbert Williams



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